First impressions are critical and your presentation speaks volumes about your business. Presenting your brand is as important as your information.

collateral-jtPut Your Best Foot Forward

If you are like most businesses you have a lot of sales and presentation material — stationery, flyers, price lists, floor plans, forms, brochures, and on and on. In many cases, that stuff has evolved over time so there is no consistency that ties it all together and most importantly associates it clearly with your brand identity. We believe all your senior business presentation material (stuff) should work together to represent your brand well and that, when it does, each piece becomes a sound investment in your branding efforts. Otherwise, it is just another expense. It is important to understand how effective branding has become in representing qualities like authenticity, consistency, attention to detail, and credibility in the mind of consumers. Looks matter. Don’t let your sales and marketing materials convey the wrong impression about your business when it is so easy to put your best foot forward.

collateral-sbcKeeping Up With Changes and Staying Within Your Budget

Nothing is constant but change and that applies to the printed material you use in your business. Everything from prices to policies to phone numbers are subject to change and you have probably noticed it is expensive to print new material — especially in color. Senior Market Connection can not only help you update your materials, but we can also help you stay organized to always distribute the latest information. Equally important is helping you stay within your budget when printing is required. We have been managing print production projects great and small for many years and know how and where to get the best pricing — starting with designing materials that cost less to produce. Let Senior Market Connection help you look good, stay current, and save money on all your printed stuff!