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On Your Website…

Your senior business website needs to be relevant, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly (or many people will never see it).


The importance of website relevance to your visitors is obvious – they are looking for information and you want to connect with them and form a relationship that ultimately leads to doing business together. So the information on senior business websites needs to not only be relevant to their specific search, but everything else about your presentation should appeal to their interests, as well. The visual content of your site should communicate that you are talking to them and that your values and quality standards are consistent with theirs.

There is another type of relevance that is also of critical importance: the content of your site, as seen by search engines such as Google, must be relevant to the search terms that people in your target audience are using to find products and services such as yours. Creating this relevant content is a big part of what is called search engine optimization or SEO, and it is this content that tells Google your site is a good match to their user.

At Senior Market Connection, we start with the latest CMS site architecture and create all content with the goal of maximizing relevance to the type of searches that your target customers will be making. On top of this structure, we apply a strong working knowledge of the wants, needs, and desires of older adults and the products and services they seek through a background in gerontological science and more than a decade of experience in marketing to seniors.

web-journeysEasy to Navigate

Your website’s navigation and layout is particularly important when serving older adults. Content must be clearly organized and navigation easy to use, without the over use of animations; color and contrast decisions must be carefully considered to avoid frustration in older visitors; font and image sizes must be larger than on sites aimed at a broader range of ages. The goal is to avoid fatigue and make it easy to find important information quickly to keep older visitors engaged longer and increase the number of pages viewed. All the effort put into attracting new visitors is for naught when they leave after a few seconds on the homepage because of confusing navigation or unappealing content.

web-cadburyparkSearch and Mobile Friendly

Along with containing relevant content and being user-friendly, it is critically important that your site is built properly and that it works well on all devices (mobile-friendly or responsive). Google penalizes poorly constructed sites in their rankings and considers non-responsive sites to be irrelevant to smartphone users, omitting the sites entirely from their search results.

All Senior Market Connection websites are mobile-friendly and optimized for search using the latest industry-standard plug-ins and architecture. We use Yoast® SEO and Google Search Console to bring state-of-the-art optimization to every page and ensure peak visibility and technical compliance for all major search engines. Our sites are designed on desktop, tablet, and smartphone screens in parallel to ensure that your site will look and function as good as possible for every user, no matter what type of device they are using to search online. In addition, every site we build is equipped with Sucuri® security software to protect against malicious attacks and unauthorized access.

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In Your Advertising…

Senior business advertising is about three things: right message, right place, right time.  Be there when the window of opportunity opens.

print advertising cadburypark“Where should I advertise?”

The correct answer to that question is everywhere. That is not possible, of course, but the point is that the where is driven by maximizing exposure and the where not is determined largely by your advertising budget. The good news is that you don’t have to advertise everywhere to be seen by the right people — the trick is picking the best combination of exposure and cost to meet your marketing goals. Over the years, we have worked with both local and national print, web, and broadcast media outlets. Senior Market Connection can help you choose the medium, size, and frequency for your senior business advertising, and then create the right vehicle for your message to create a positive response at a price you can afford… simple!

print advertising sbcFrequency & Consistency

Time for Marketing 101. For every product there is a window of opportunity when it can be sold. For products like Coke, Budweiser, or MacDonalds the window is wide open all the time because people are constantly making those buying decisions. When the product is Rehabilitation Services or a Senior Lifestyle Community, the window only opens when the customer develops a need or desire for those specialized products. The window is very narrow because they need it now or very soon and before that your ads might as well be invisible.

This is why frequency is also important. Your ad needs to be there when the window opens and this means the greater the frequency the more likely you’ll be seen while the window is open. Consistency and repetition are important because you want to be familiar and memorable. If your presentation changes too often this familiarity is never achieved. It is important to resist the temptation to constantly change your message; remember, your next customer is likely to have just seen it for the first time.

print advertising jacarandatraceWhat We Can Do

Marketing cannot guarantee your success for any price. What marketing can do is generate enough interest in your business to bring customers to your door — the rest is up to you. We design advertising campaigns and promotions by first getting a clear understanding of what it is that makes you special. direct-mailOnly then can we communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) to potential customers in an effective manner. We work closely with our clients to be a like a partner in these efforts and will never treat you like just any old business – you are unique!

We offer one-stop shopping for advertising creative that includes an extensive library of stock images, or location photography and video if you need it. We handle local and national ad placement and are happy to sweat the details like print specs and submission deadlines. It’s our business and we have been involved in design, printing, and fulfillment for clients ranging from one location to 2500 in three countries.

Good photography is essential. Click here to view photography samples.
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At Your Presentation…

First impressions are critical and your presentation speaks volumes about your business. Presenting your brand is as important as your information.

collateral-jtPut Your Best Foot Forward

If you are like most businesses you have a lot of sales and presentation material — stationery, flyers, price lists, floor plans, forms, brochures, and on and on. In many cases, that stuff has evolved over time so there is no consistency that ties it all together and most importantly associates it clearly with your brand identity. We believe all your senior business presentation material (stuff) should work together to represent your brand well and that, when it does, each piece becomes a sound investment in your branding efforts. Otherwise, it is just another expense. It is important to understand how effective branding has become in representing qualities like authenticity, consistency, attention to detail, and credibility in the mind of consumers. Looks matter. Don’t let your sales and marketing materials convey the wrong impression about your business when it is so easy to put your best foot forward.

collateral-sbcKeeping Up With Changes and Staying Within Your Budget

Nothing is constant but change and that applies to the printed material you use in your business. Everything from prices to policies to phone numbers are subject to change and you have probably noticed it is expensive to print new material — especially in color. Senior Market Connection can not only help you update your materials, but we can also help you stay organized to always distribute the latest information. Equally important is helping you stay within your budget when printing is required. We have been managing print production projects great and small for many years and know how and where to get the best pricing — starting with designing materials that cost less to produce. Let Senior Market Connection help you look good, stay current, and save money on all your printed stuff!

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